The Eggs
Chapter Chapter 2
Storyline Yes
Time 8:00 am - 11:00 pm
Location Old Bullworth Gym
Destination Spencer Estate
Patron Tad Spencer
Target Preps
Type Brawl
Respect -10 Preppy
Item Eggs (Save Zones)
Mission Race the Vale*
The Eggs is one of the main storyline missions in Chapter 2.

The MissionEdit


Tad will not allow Jimmy to start the mission if he isn't dressed well. Jimmy must be wearing an Aquaberry sweater or vest, which can be purchased from the Aquaberry Outlet in Old Bullworth Vale. He doesn't care whether Jimmy has a good haircut or pants, however.


Jimmy finds Tad Spencer, Chad, and Parker in the upstairs lounge at the Boxing Gym. Tad says he was waiting for Jimmy, and explains their idea of egging Mr. Hattrick's house for nearly getting Mr. Galloway fired. Jimmy asks Tad if he's English, and Tad responds in detail, explaining that he's insecure because his father is a self made man, and he pretends to be old money when he's really just nouveau-riche.


Jimmy is sent to buy the eggs at the Yum Yum Market, and then to meet the Preppies at Tad's house. If he already has full Eggs, he can just go straight to Tad's house. As Jimmy arrives, a cutscene plays. Tad asks him whether he'd called him "inbred". Jimmy denies it, and Tad goes on to make his famous explanation about how "first cousins is legal". Jimmy once again denies he said anything. Gary suddenly appears and accuses Jimmy of having badmouthed Tad's family. He claims that Jimmy said Tad was a hermaphrodite, that his mother was legally also his aunt, and that he probably had webbed toes (which, according to Tad, he does, only on one foot.) Gary then baits Tad into attacking, asking him if he's "going to take that kind of crap from this scumbag?". The Preppies attack Jimmy while Gary quietly slips away.

Jimmy has to beat Justin, who has the key to the front gate, and use the key to open it and escape. There are preppies throwing eggs at him from the second floor of Tad's house and several other Preppies in the yard, but he doesn't have to fight them. Once he gets the gate open and walks out to the street, the mission ends.


Both this mission and Carnival Date must be completed to unlock Race the Vale.


  • Tad, Chad, Parker and Bryce disappear in free roam once this mission becomes available. You can still find Bryce practicing boxing in the Boxing Club.
  • Although Tad, Chad and Parker are in the cutscene, once the fighting starts, Gord has taken Parker's place in the yard. Parker can be seen throwing eggs from one of four windows in Tad's house.
  • The Preps throwing eggs from the windows of Tad's house are programmed to use a beta Greaser fighting style for unknown reasons. They can only be fought if the player uses a mod to make Jimmy levitate up to them.
  • If Jimmy is wearing an Aquaberry sweater before starting this mission, Tad will comment on it.

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