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The Happy Mullet is a barbershop located in Bullworth Town. The proprietor is Mr. Moratti. Despite the shop's name, the player cannot actually get a mullet haircut there.

Haircuts available[]

Style Color Cost
Flat-top Copper/Auburn/Chestnut $6.00 (Copper) $9.00 (Auburn/Chestnut)
Fade Copper/Auburn/Chestnut/Chocolate $6.00 (Copper) $9.00 (Auburn/Chestnut/Chocolate)
Crew-cut Copper/Auburn/Chestnut/Chocolate $6.00 (Copper) $9.00 (Auburn/Chestnut/Chocolate)
Caesar Copper/Auburn/Chestnut/Chocolate $8.00 (Copper) $12.00 (Auburn/Chestnut/Chocolate)
Clean Shave None $5.00
Buzzcut None $5.00


  • Inside the shop, the player can see "Barber Shop" written on the windows, but this cannot be seen from the outside. Similarly, the "OPEN" sign on the outside is not visible from inside the shop.