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Russell ready to fight

Russell Northrop in The Hole.

"So, Jimmy boy, here we are - The Hole. The place where this school separates the men from the boys, the wheat from the chaff, and all that nonsense."
Gary Smith

The Hole is an octagonal concrete pit with a drain in the middle, located in the sewers underneath Bullworth Academy. It looks to be approximately six feet deep, with the only way in or out being a ladder (Strangely, this ladder doesn't appear in freeroam and Jimmy has to climb the wall to get out). There is a broken-down elevator that leads to it, which early in development was meant to take Jimmy up to the school roof. Nearby, there is an announcers table that includes a microphone, score cards, and a timekeeper's bell. Behind the table, some names are scribbled, along with dashes that appear to be marking points of some sort. There is also a sort of judge's table, with a gavel and a red tablecloth.

It is used as a huge ring where anticipated fights take place. Jimmy's fight with Russell Northrop takes place in The Hole, the only time in the game it's utilized. Christy Martin says as one of her gossip pieces, "I heard that there was fresh blood in the floor of The Hole" - however since she wasn't present at Jimmy and Russell's fight, the fresh blood she saw might simply have been from that fight. This is unlikely, though, since she is known to say this before the mission.

The Hole is highly detailed. It is possible that early in the games development, more missions were intended to take place there, or that some sort of fight club was to be held as well. However, if so it was probably cut due to concern over the possible reaction to an organized underground fighting setup in a school.

Although the existence of The Hole is well known to students, small talk says that Dr. Crabblesnitch is unaware of its location, but is looking for it.