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Cut This article features content that was cut from the final version of the video game Bully.

The Tie Headband Punk is a character that only appears in the Bully comic book that was exclusively part of the Collectors Edition version of Bully. He is a member of the deleted clique The Punks. His name is based on his most distinguishing characteristic - the fact that he wore the tie that is part of the Bullworth Academy school uniform around his name as a headband.

The Tie Headband Punk wasn't featured enough to show much personality. He has short buzzed hair, a hairstyle common among the Townies and very rare among Bullworth students. He, along with Sid and the Fat Punk, were seen taking orders from Russell, who himself was one of the Punks at this early point in the game's development.

It is rather likely that the Tie Headband Punk was reworked into a Townie. Of the Townies, he looks most similar to Omar and Clint, both of whom are tall with buzzed hair.

This character is one of the 2 Punk members in the comic book that does not have their own 3D model made by Tyler Wilson.