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Cut This article features content that was cut from the final version of the video game Bully.

The Tow Truck is a vehicle which was originally planned to be in Bully. It would eventually end up being removed during development for unknown reasons.

Vehicle Description[]

The tow truck is an unfinished vehicle which has only been documented to exist in a beta version of Scholarship Edition on the Wii. This is because the Wii uses a beta build of the original Playstation 2 version.

Tow truck

The tow truck will usually spawn with either grey or red doors, although it's possible that other color variations exist. For some odd reason the tow truck will always spawn with a tire poking through the back.

The tow truck's model and textures are very unpolished. Even the collision model is unfinished, often resulting in Jimmy and other pedestrians being able to walk through parts of it. The driver will often get stuck when attempting to exit and walk away from the vehicle. Just like other cars in the beta build it appears in, the tow truck also lacks a proper rotation feature. This will often result in only the driver rotating during turns while the vehicle itself never rotates.

Interestingly enough, Jimmy can actually use his skateboard on the tow truck to "Skitch A Ride", suggesting that the skitching feature was implemented in the game before cars were even able to properly rotate.

Removal From The Game[]


BULLY - Removed Tow Truck (Analysis)

The vehicle would eventually end up being scrapped and replaced with another car, simply named "Truck". Both vehicles share the same spawnpoints and thus are often seen parked in and being driven around the same areas.

Although it remains unclear why the tow truck was removed from the game it is possible that the vehicle simply did not blend in well with the other cars in the areas it was meant to appear in.