Townie Challenge
Townie Challenge fight
Jimmy fighting the Townies in Townie Challenge
Location: Dropout Hideout
Time(s) Available: Before curfew
Faction: N/A
Reward: Dropout Hideout save location
Unlocks: N/A

Townie Challenge is a Challenge Mission in Chapter 5.

The MissionEdit


Duncan is talking to Jerry and Otto about some awesome game he's found out about, that's all about "killing things and taking their stuff". He's actually talking about Grottos and Gremlins. Jimmy walks in and says he's taking the hideout over, and Otto challenges him to fight.


First, beat up Duncan, Jerry and Otto. After they're knocked out, Henry, Leon and Gurney show up. Leon and Henry attack, Gurney stays back and throws firecrackers. Once these three have been knocked out, the mission is won, and Jimmy will earn the Townie Hideout. A good way to do the mission would be that after knocking Duncan, Jerry and Otto out, the player can use the slingshots manual aiming mode to shoot at the heads of Leon, Henry and Gurney. This way the last three can be knocked out with one charged hit as soon as they come out making the mission much easier.

Trivia Edit

  • If Jimmy is knocked out, a short cutscene will show Leon shoving Jimmy outside the building.
  • This is one of the few missions where the Townies were referred to as the Dropouts.

Video Walkthrough Edit

Bully Scholarship Edition - Mission 63 - Townies Challenge (PC)

Bully Scholarship Edition - Mission 63 - Townies Challenge (PC)

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