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The Townie Hideout is a safehouse located in Blue Skies Industrial Park, obtainable after completing Townie Challenge.


The Hideout is a small fenced-off area in an abandoned warehouse. Inside is a poker table, a few sofas and shelves and a desk where the player can save the game. At the right near the entrance is a clothing locker where Jimmy can change his clothes, and a Future Street Racer 2165 arcade console.


  • Any adult that Jimmy attacks outside will follow him into the safehouse and retaliate. They can be knocked out without interference from the police.
  • A random fight between two people may spawn when you leave the hideout.
  • There is a 1979 band concert poster posted at the safehouse. It may be a parody of the english rock band The 1975.
  • When you wake up from bed or simply get close to the bed and the wall, a different minimap will be loaded and the minimap of the hideout interior will disappear. This is unknown why it happens, but it could be a minor glitch.
  • Underneath the floor there is a hidden "room" with test textures which read "BURNING TIRES". It can be viewed by using no clip mods.
  • If the player saves their game in the safehouse, the save file will classify it as the "Dropout Hideout".