The train track is a large railroad that runs from New Coventry, through Blue Skies and hits a dead end by the train depot in Blue Skies. It runs on top of the New Coventry Underpass and It is passed through during Lola's Race, where Jimmy has to avoid the speeding train carts from hitting him and knocking him off of his bike. They remain in the same place after moving in the mission. An access to the tracks can be found through the woods in New Coventry and behind the In and Out Motel. A long wooden passage branches off to the right of the train depot in Blue Skies runs over water and ends with a drop into the Woods.

There are two branch lines, one starts at the train depot and travels through the heart of Blue Skies, ending near the tattoo parlor, and another branches off the main line and leads to the area outside the BMX park, where there is a yard of sorts. One track on the latter branch line extends slightly further east, to past the BMX park. The first branch line, at least through Blue Skies' residential area, appears abandoned.

While on the track, no trains can be encountered, although they can be heard while in Blue Skies. It is very likely that passenger trains once travelled along the line, due to the current BMX park having a sign saying "Bullworth Central Station" on the side, indicating that it may have once been a railway station. It is unlikely that passenger trains still run on the line. There is a tunnel that leads to the path to Happy Volt and another that leads to the Docks. The towers and the Chem-O lot can be seen while passing through the tracks. The terrain prevents the player from riding a skateboard on the rails. This railroad separates New Coventry from Bullworth Town.

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