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"Sometimes, it is good to relive the past to know where you are now. "
— Jose (Aka RedIgnite)

Hello, for whatever reason you're on here......Hi.

My name is Jose (Hoh-zay) and I devoted my free time to editing Wikia articles. I have served as an administrator for Bully Wiki from January 9, 2019, to May 18, 2021. I have retired from Fandom as of May 18, 2021. If you are looking for help with Bully Wiki, please refer your questions to McJeff here. Thank you.

About me[]

  • I was born on June 1, 1997, in a small town called Smithtown, NY.
  • I was raised in Brooklyn with my parents and two older brothers (Who are six and seven years older than me).
  • My dad is Cuban but immigrated (along with my grandmother) to the United States in the 1950s because of Fidel Castro (who was an absolute piece of shit). My grandfather was kept prisoner in a concentration camp thanks to Fidel.
  • I graduated from Hunter College with a Master of Arts in Nursing. I plan to practice Forensic Nursing when coronavirus (COVID-19) is no longer a hazard and everything may return to normal. I also dream of becoming a college professor in the unforeseeable future, and thus a Master's Degree will also be necessary to teach college students.


  • RedIgnite is proud to be a New Yorker. He spent all of his life in the great state of New York.
  • RedIgnite was an actor for commercials in the early to mid-2000s. He began acting in 2000 at age 3, right until he began 3rd grade, in 2005. He hasn't acted since then, and most likely never will again.
  • RedIgnite is Cuban-American. His father was born in Cuba but migrated to the United States right after Fidel Castro came into power in the '50s.
  • RedIgnite graduated university with a 3.6 GPA.
  • RedIgnite and his friends were detained by cops in 2009 for skating at a closed, abandoned parking lot. His parents had to come pick him up.
  • RedIgnite enjoys swimming. He was a lifeguard from 2013 to 2017.