aka Jose

  • I live in a boring apartment
  • I was born on June 1
  • My occupation is Registered Nursing
  • I am Male, 22 years old
I'm an Administrator on this Wiki. Feel free to message me for any help.
"Never mind searching the person you are, be the person you want to be."
— Jose (Aka RedIgnite)

Hello, for whatever reason you're on here......Hi.

My name is Jose (Hoh-zay) and I devoted my free time to editing Wikia articles. I have been promoted to administrator on January 9, 2019.

About me

I was born on June 1st, 1997 (Currently 22 years old) in a small town called Smithtown, NY. I was raised in Brooklyn (Which is a borough of New York City) with my parents and two older brothers (Who are six and seven years older). I possess an advanced high school diploma which meant nothing, it's useless. I left New York after high school to attend Princeton University (An Ivy league school) in New Jersey. For senior year of college, I decided to transfer schools so I could live closer to my girlfriend and family so I returned to a college in Manhattan. I was aiming to attend Medical School to become a Physician and possess a Medical Degree (M.D.) but I decided to drop that path because I wouldn't do well on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) since I'm no good at Physics or Calculus, I didn't feel like I was going to score decent enough to get admitted into medical school so I took a short way out by getting a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and becoming a registered nurse at a nearby hospital.

I decided in later 2019 to enroll in a Master's program that leads to a Master's Degree in Biology. I studied for the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) and scored decent enough to land me a spot.

What I do besides editing Wikia

I'm not writing my resume here, because that would be a waste of your time and you probably wouldn't care. As of June 2019, I currently work at a hospital as a Registered Nurse.


I typically enrolled in many AP courses, with Science being my strongest subject, following English Literature.

Your questions (F.A.Q)

Have a question that is not listed here? Message me.

Questions regarding Administrative information

  • I want to report someone, but how can I do that?
    • Leave me a message. State the username or I.P. address you want to report, and leave links to support your claim (Such as diffs). Suspicion is not enough. Once you give me full detail, I will decide from there whether the user will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • What if I want to edit an article that is fully protected?
    • Leave me a message with the title of the protected article, and state where in the article you want to modify. I'll make the changes for you, but only if I approve your idea. I might (or might not) also ask you to provide a reliable source (Wikipedia is not a reliable source and thus will not be accepted) to support your claim for certain changes that might need sourcing for verification to avoid spreading misinformation to our readers (For example, to modify the Bully 2 article).
  • I want to become an administrator. How do I become one?
    • I am unable to promote other users so in case you are interested in applying, speak to McJeff and request a promotion. However, he has made it clear that this Wiki doesn't need a lot of administrators so I don't think you can become an administrator here, but you can always give it a try. See more here.
  • You reverted my edit or removed a piece of information I've added. Why?
    • Most likely because your edit was either incorrect or was not necessary for the article. It could also be because your grammar was confusing that I wasn't able to understand what you were trying to say which could also confuse our readers. If you disagree with my revert or removal of added content, message me and I'll be glad to discuss it with you. But please do not restore deleted content without trying to discuss the matter with me first.
  • How strict are you?
    • I'm not very strict, but I do enforce established policies on Bully Wiki. I'm more of a friendly administrator, but that does not give you the right to just break the rules and hope I'll give you a break, I won't.
  • What should I do if I sent you a message but you haven't replied to it?
    • I could be busy with my career, or I probably forgot you left me a message. If this is an administrative-matter, please speak to another staff member if I do not reply within three days. I recommend you speak to McJeff as he is also available for assistance. If this has something to with you and I personally, please wait for my response. If I did not reply within three days, make a new message. I apologize for the inconvenience. Sometimes I'll make an announcement on both my user and talk page notifying you that I will be offline for quite sometime. However, the chances of me becoming offline for a long time is unlikely as I check here almost every day.
  • How active are you?
    • Very. I check Wikia on a daily basis and perform various tasks such as to check the Recent Changes to see what editors have changed on an article or edit articles for improvement. If you need help, feel free to message me on my talk page and I'll guarantee a response.
  • I've been blocked, can I request an appeal?
    • If I blocked you, you can communicate with me over at Community Central here and we'll discuss the possibility of acquiring a blocking appeal. If eligible, your block appeal will be carefully determined based on the severity of the rule violation, and your block log. If however, you have been blocked by another staff member, please contact them.
  • When are you available?

Questions regarding Jose (RedIgnite)

  • Where did you learn English?
  • What is the saddest moment in your life?
    • Getting rejected for admission to Harvard University. I was given an interview by an admissions officer and I thought I did well enough to convince her that I was a suitable candidate. However, I received a response in the mail saying I didn't get in. I cried that day, but I understand that out of 100 applications, only 20 applicants are accepted. I felt proud of attempting and preparing to do well in the interview and moved on.
  • What is the happiest memory in your life?
  • On which console do you play Bully on?
    • I play Bully on my Xbox One, iOS, and on my Microsoft Windows XP (which is very old but still runs perfectly). Formerly, I used to play the original Bully game on my PS2, but I left the console in my parent's house and now I live in an apartment.
  • When did you discover Bully?
    • I started playing Bully in 2015. When the game launched in 2006, which I was 9 years of age back in the time, my older brother played it a lot and I thought the game was stupid judging on how you beat up kids, I interpreted the game as a downgrade version of Grand Theft Auto to meet the Teen rating back in the old days. Prior to 2015, I played Grand Theft Auto and it was my only favorite Rockstar series before I began playing Bully. In 2015, I lost the disk to GTA V, and I saw Bully on the box, and I decided to give this game a try. I really enjoyed the first mission so I went on to beat the first chapter. Turns out it about Jimmy standing up for the victims and taking on the Bullies. I loved Bully so much that I decided to leave GTA for Bully. When I found my disk to the GTA V game, I returned it because there's not much to do in the game when you completed it.
  • What is your favorite song?
  • What is your favorite band?
    • Imagine Dragons
  • Many Sysops (Admins) claim they started editing at Wikipedia before transferring here. Did you also edit on Wikipedia?
    • Nope, and I have no desire to. I prefer to edit on Wikia because you meet editors who happen to be fans of something you like, so your meeting new people with the same interest as you and many times they turn to out to be good friends. Wikipedia is alright, but the site is (undisputably) poorly managed, many bad editors are being promoted, unlike Wikia where most communities determine who gets promoted after a vote from the community or Sysops.
  • What is your favorite clique and least favorite clique?
    • My favorite clique is the Townies and the least favorite would be the Preps.
  • Do you think Bully 2 will ever be launched in the future?
    • I have no clue. To me, it seems that R* has simply abandoned the Bully series to focus on GTA, which I don't like or play anymore (See more two questions below). It's evident because Bully has been released 13 years ago (As of 2019) and R* has no plans to develop a sequel for Bully, but they do however love announcing new GTA games, even though GTA has been around since the '90s. GTA IV was released 2 years after the launch of Bully, and yet GTA V has been the next game to release despite the fact that Bully is older than Grand Theft Auto IV. However, seeing how they didn't forget about the Red Dead Redemption series and decided to launch a sequel (Despite RDR being younger than Bully) makes it seems like they didn't forget about RDR, and also seeing how R* gave us Bully: Anniversary Edition makes it seem that there is a reasonable possibility of a Bully 2 game becoming released in the future. Another good justification for saying there is a possibility is that Dan Houser, who is one of the two founders of Rockstar, claimed he would like to make another Bully game, however, Sam Houser who is a terrible president, doesn't seem to comment on the possibility of Bully 2. But right now it's really tough to answer this question. So my answer stands on Maybe. However, I would absolutely love a Bully sequel, I'll bet I would be one of the first one hundred gamers to pre-order Bully 2 instantly after Rockstar announces it.
  • Who is that character with the eye-patch in your icon?
  • What is your favorite and least favorite genre of movies and TV programs?
    • Favorite: Comedy
    • Least Favorite: Sci-Fi (Except Rick and Morty)
  • What do you do during your free time?
    • Usually, I edit articles on Wikis, go to the gym, jog, or if I'm hungry, cook and then eat. I also still play Bully to this day, it remains as my most favorite video game of all time. If it all comes down to nothing, then I'll just sleep.
  • What are your favorite TV programs?
    • South Park, Rick and Morty, The Office (US), It's Always Sunny in Philadephia, Breaking Bad, and Bob's Burgers (sometimes).
  • What are your other favorite games by Rockstar Games?
    • I like Red Dead Redemption. However, I'm not a big fan of any other games produced by Rockstar, I just prefer to play old school video games, usually from the '90s or 2000s decades.
  • Do you play Grand Theft Auto?
    • Not anymore. I've completely lost interest in the series after playing Bully. I use to own GTA: San Andreas and GTA V, but I completed both games and decided to sell GTA:SA and return GTA V because the game sucks after you finished beating it. Ever since I played Bully, I have given up on GTA because in my perspective (Which is an unpopular opinion, unfortunately) Bully is ten times better than Grand Theft Auto.
  • Which Advanced Placement course (Outside AP Physics 1) did you struggle the most?
    • I'd say English Literature and Composition. Luckily I scored a 4 on the final exam.
  • Why the fuck did you choose 'RedIgnite' as your username?
    • Ouch with that F word. Ignite means to fire up, I love fire. Red is my second favorite color, so I combined both together. I know this doesn't make sense.
      • So then if Red is your second favorite color, which is your first?
        • Blue, but the username "BlueIgnite" was taken. And it wouldn't make any fucking sense as well, whoever saw a Blue fire in reality?
  • What was your most favorite course during college?
    • Communications. This is an unpopular opinion, but I love doing presentations.
  • What was your least favorite course during college?
    • Calculus 1, I managed to pass with a C+. That's the lowest grade I have ever received.
  • You should've taken AP Physics 1.
    • This is not a question.
  • If I message you the same question listed above because I'm hoping for a different response, will I get one?
    • No, I'll kindly tell you that everything is listed on my userpage, but I'll also be laughing at you and I'll say: "Didn't he/she read the FAQ?"

Did you know?

  • RedIgnite is proud to be a New Yorker? He spent all of his life in the great state of New York.
  • RedIgnite was an actor for commercials in the early to mid-2000s? He began acting in 2000 at age 3, right until he began 3rd grade, in 2005. He hasn't acted since then, and most likely never will again.
  • RedIgnite is Cuban-American? His father was born in Cuba but migrated to the United States right after Fidel Castro came into power in the '50s.
  • RedIgnite graduated university with a 3.5 GPA?
  • RedIgnite and his friends were detained by cops in 2009 for skating at a closed, abandoned parking lot? His parents had to come pick him up.
  • RedIgnite enjoys swimming? He was a lifeguard from 2013 to 2017.
  • RedIgnite's childhood bully was arrested for driving under the influence? He was convicted and sentenced to jail for a decade (10 years) for killing another driver in a car crash while drunk.
  • RedIgnite's childhood home was destroyed by a fire in 2012?
  • RedIgnite's older brothers were always up to no good growing up? In 2001, at an A&P store (Which the company doesn't exist anymore), RedIgnite's two older brothers (Who were 10 and 11 years of age at the time, while Red was 4) were caught by security for shoplifting a candy bar. Luckily, their father knew the manager so he decided not to press charges, nor call the cops.
  • RedIgnite was admitted to Princeton University? It is one of the six Ivy League schools in America.
  • RedIgnite’s favorite fast food is Wendy’s? He despises fast food, and is a “home-food” person.
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