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  • McJeff

    Driving/Vehicle theft. Seriously, go play GTA if you want to steal cars. If Bully 2 were to include some sort of way to drive a real car, they'd also have to figure out a way to make vehicular homicide a thing that can't happen. Like, maybe if you hit someone, it's an automatic game over. Except that would be really annoying if it happened by accident. So driving cars shouldn't be in the game.

    B.b. guns. They don't hurt unless you hit someone in the eye, in which case they're probably losing sight in that eye. Stick with the spud gun.

    Sex. I shouldn't even have to explain what's wrong with that to people.

    Relatives of anyone in the GTA Universe. Crossovers are almost invariably crap, GTA elements do not belong in a Bully game (and vice …

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  • McJeff

    I think there are few things as annoying in the world as people who censor "foul language".

    By that, I don't mean people who decline to use it at all. That's fine. Most of the time most people don't, and the ones who have to swear every fifth word or so are obnoxious to be around. I don't swear very often, because when I do I want it to mean something.

    How in the FUCK does replacing the U with a * make the word less offensive?

    It doesn't, it just makes the person typing "f*ck" a douchebag.

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  • McJeff

    Note to self

    August 31, 2010 by McJeff

    Learn to program in Python so you can write bots and don't have to do all this tedius busywork.

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