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  • SodaCat


    October 30, 2010 by SodaCat

    Hey everyone, out of the two nicknames I've made up, which do you like better?

    Clenry-- (Clint AKA Henry.) Clint AKA Henry= Clenry

    Perry-- (Peanut/Larry Romano) Peanut / Larry= Perry

    I can't decide!!!

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  • SodaCat

    Ask a character! (Greasers)

    October 11, 2010 by SodaCat

    Ok, so, taking a bit of my comedy side. ask characters anything! Please remember this is me you're talking to, though, only I'm acting, haha. ASk your randomest questions, and be sure to say for who the question is!!! Questions such as "Do you like me?" will always be answered as "That depends...who are you?" because the characters don't know us XD

    Dan the Man 1983's Question: Why are you stuck in the 1950's?

    All of the Greaser's Answers: JOHNNY: It was a good time!!! PEANUT: What other years had cars and leather shoved into one?! OTHERS: We like it!

    SirLinkAlot 96's Question: Johnny, do you think you could beat Derby Harrington in a boxing match?

    Johnny's Answer: Of course I can! Derby's a wimp!

    Napoleon Blownapart's Question: if you had to choosse w…

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  • SodaCat

    What was your...

    September 8, 2010 by SodaCat

    Hey! I just got curious. What was your favorite mission and least favorite? My least favorite: Fighting Johnny Vincent (Cuz I don't want to beat him up), and The Tenements, because in real life I'd refuse to ever even remotely help Lola. My guess Movie Tickets cuz Jimmy's just being kind of mean there. Haha. And, Complete Mayhem in a way. Not beating up the greasers, but I love seeing everybody in their little fights! Anyway, what's your least and most favorite mission?

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  • SodaCat


    August 28, 2010 by SodaCat

    Hey everyone! Anyways, I was wondering, what does everyone think about the new achivements?

    I think that they're cool, it's nice to get something for your work. But, the only thing I don't like is that I'm worried that users will get competitive, and that the effort to earn badges will mess up the Wiki.

    What do you guys think?

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  • SodaCat

    Townies playing Bully

    August 25, 2010 by SodaCat

    The Townies playing Bully!

    Edgar: Jimmy told me there's a new video game called Bully, and it kind of has us in it.

    Omar: Whattaya mean kind of?

    Edgar: It doesn't really have us until the end.

    Clint (AKA Henry): What? I don't want to play it.

    Gurney: Who cares? We're not even sure if your name's Clint or Henry!

    Clint (AKA Henry): Call me Clenry then!

    Jerry: Will you two stop fighting for more then 2 seconds?!

    Leon: Shut the hell up and start the damn game!

    Edgar turns game on

    Screen shows title "Bully"

    Omar: What the hell? We're not bullies.

    Zoe: Where's Jimmy? He's cute!

    Edgar: We don't need your girlish additude towards him

    Clint (AKA Henry): Girlish additude?

    Edgar: Zoe likes Jimmy

    Otto: Ok?

    Edgar starts playing around Bullworth

    Gurney: Lemme play!

    Duncan: No, lemme play…

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