Bully Wiki
Wade Martin
Clique Bullies
Gender Male
Family Christy Martin
Mr. Martin
Kissable No
Missions Welcome to Bullworth
The Setup
Save Algie
Defend Bucky
Discretion Assured
Voice Actor Matt Monroe
"You wanna see me lose it?! Huh, dad?! I mean, you’re dead!"
— Wade, when fighting

Wade Martin is a character in Bully, and is a member of the Bullies clique. He was voiced by Matt Monroe.

Character description[]

A small bully with red hair and blue eyes, Wade wears a white untucked school shirt, with denim jeans, and blue Chuck Taylor sneakers. In the winter he wears a blue turtleneck under his white shirt, black fingerless gloves and a gray urban hat. He and Davis wear their hair in an identical left part style.


Wade's most notable trait is that he is pent up with rage. In particular, he hates his home life in general and his father in particular, and he hates his self-percieved lack of intelligence. His parents had a messy divorce some time in the past, and he appears to hold a severe grudge against his father for it. When he's losing his temper, sometimes remarks about his father slip out, and he will try to cover it up by claiming he said something else.

Wade's antagonism towards the Nerds is largely derived from how "dumb" he thinks he is - claiming that they should be beaten up for being so smart, especially compared to him. The Nerds in turn have started a petition to get him expelled, although it doesn't have any success. Wade still complains bitterly that he gets punished at all for picking on them. However, Wade also complains that nobody ever cares when he gets suspended anymore, implying he may also enjoy the attention it brings.

Wade may be related to Christy Martin, who shares his last name and bright red hair color. He may also be related to Mr. Martin, as many of Wade's complaints about his father and Mr. Martin's complaints about his miserable family life match up, and they also share a last name. Although Wade can occasionally be seen making out with Christy, this shouldn't be taken as evidence they're not related. Causing them to never make out would require specific programming and the developers simply didn't bother.

Role in game[]

When Jimmy Hopkins first arrives at Bullworth Academy, he is confronted by three Bullies on his way to the Boys' Dorm. Wade is the one who challenges him to a fight, giving him the distinction of being the first student who Jimmy has to fight. He is also the first student that Jimmy stuffs in a trashcan, however he doesn't have to do this and can just beat Wade up normally. He appears in the missions through the rest of Chapter 1, but doesn't have any further speaking lines.

Later in the game, he steals Karen's teddy bear from her, causing Jimmy to beat him up and take the bear back. During this errand, he is hostile to Jimmy despite the fact that Jimmy has 100% faction with the Bullies.