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Jimmy drinking

Jimmy drinking from a fountain

Water fountains are interactable objects in Bully. They can be found on Bullworth Academy campus, in the Boys' Dorm, Girls' Dorm, and Main Building.


Jimmy filling water balloon

Jimmy filling a water balloon at a fountain

Before the player has unlocked water balloons, if Jimmy stands next to a water fountain a button prompt will appear. If the player presses the prompted button, Jimmy will take a drink from the fountain. The game keeps track of the number of times Jimmy has drunk from a fountain, but drinking has no effect on gameplay.

Once water balloons have been unlocked, standing next to a fountain and pressing the prompted button will cause Jimmy to create a water balloon which he can then throw. After unlocking water balloons Jimmy won't drink from fountains again - he will always make a water balloon if he isn't already holding one, and the prompt button will cause him to drop the balloon he's currently holding.

On rare occasions, other clique members can be seen filling water balloons at fountains.