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The Woods, as the name suggests, is a woodland area located in Bullworth.

The woods is not a district of the town. It is a plot of undeveloped land. Located nearby is the Happy Volts Asylum; at the end of the secondary track, near the fieldside entrance is the Bullworth Observatory.

Given the spooky nature of the woods, the place has been the base for many false myths in the game.


The area is slightly forested, with trees of an indeterminable species lining the path. Rocks of various elevations and sizes make up the rest of the surrounding. Some of these rocks have been interpreted as having patterns depicting aliens and other paranormal beings. This becomes evident as strange and spooky noises are randomly heard along some parts of the forest especially the inner and deeper part of it although there are no signs of any paranormal entities or activities, and even a hostile student who is chasing Jimmy into the woods will flee and cry for no reason if both are in the inner parts. The eerie sound of harsh winds that collide with the tunnel walls in the tunnel may also explain why they do not go through the tunnels.

A path of soil cuts through the place. The path forks at one point, one side leading through an abandoned tunnel with train rails, but joins back again. At another point of the woods are two tunnels. One leads to the Observatory Track, and one leads to the Asylum. Further on is the end of the trail, where there are two bridges. One spans across a part of the ocean inlet, leading to Blue Skies Industrial Park, and the other one is levelled such that it only can be accessed if Jimmy cuts through the train tracks in New Coventry.

There are six entrances to the woods. One is located at a large gap in the fence at the road leading out of the School Parking Lot, and another is located at the football field (though it actually leads to the Observatory). The third is behind the library. The fourth is a tunnel leading to the Happy Volts Asylum. The fifth is a tunnel cutting under the railroad tracks into Blue Skies. The sixth, and final, is a bridge leading from the Train Tracks, although it cannot be used to exit the woods, as it is above ground and beyond Jimmy's reach.