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The Yearbook is a side mission that Jimmy starts after passing Photography 2.

In it, he must take pictures of every student on campus, minus the Prefects despite them being students. Completing the yearbook earns Jimmy the Black Ninja Outfit and $300.00.

Obtaining Photos[]

The Yearbook starts with pictures of Jimmy, Pete, and Russell.


A page on the Yearbook.

All students excluding the clique leaders, Gary, and Zoe (Prior to Chapter 6) can be found wandering campus at any time.

Earnest's photo[]

Obtained after beating Earnest in Stronghold Assault or Complete Mayhem. However, this picture can also be taken during Wrong Part of Town before giving Algie to Earnest and Cornelius.

Derby's photo[]

Obtained automatically after beating Derby in Boxing Challenge or Complete Mayhem.

Johnny's photo[]

Obtained automatically after beating Johnny in The Rumble or Complete Mayhem. His picture can also be taken during Jealous Johnny and Wrong Part of Town.

Ted's photo[]

Obtained automatically after beating Ted in The Big Game or Complete Mayhem.

Gary's photo[]

Obtained automatically after beating Gary in Final Showdown. However, this picture can also be taken during Wrong Part of Town.

Bryce's photo[]

Bryce can be found with the Preppies or on a punching bag at Glass Jaw Boxing Club at any time. An error in the official strategy guide lists him as a Non-Clique Student, which causes many players to have trouble finding him.

Zoe's photo[]

Zoe's photo can be obtained during any of her appearances in Chapter 5, including in missions. In Chapter 6, she can be found roaming the Bullworth campus.

List of photos[]

Name Clique
Algernon Nerds
Angie Non-Clique Students
Beatrice Nerds
Bif Preppies
Bo Jocks
Bryce Preppies
Bucky Nerds
Casey Jocks
Chad Preppies
Christy Non-Clique Students
Const. Non-Clique Students
Cornelius Nerds
Damon Jocks
Dan Jocks
Davis Bullies
Derby Preppies
Donald Nerds
Earnest Nerds
Ethan Bullies
Eunice Non-Clique Students
Fatty Nerds
Gary Main Character
Gloria Non-Clique Students
Gord Preppies
Gordon Non-Clique Students
Hal Greasers
Ivan Non-Clique Students
Jimmy Main Character
Johnny Greasers
Juri Jocks
Justin Preppies
Karen Non-Clique Students
Kirby Jocks
Lance Non-Clique Students
Lefty Greasers
Lola Greasers
Lucky Greasers
Luis Jocks
Mandy Jocks
Melody Non-Clique Students
Melvin Nerds
Norton Greasers
Parker Preppies
Peanut Greasers
Pedro Non-Clique Students
Pete Main Character
Pinky Preppies
Ray Non-Clique Students
Ricky Greasers
Russell Bullies
Sheldon Non-Clique Students
Tad Preppies
Ted Jocks
Thad Nerds
Tom Bullies
Trent Bullies
Trevor Non-Clique Students
Troy Bullies
Vance Greasers
Wade Bullies
Zoe Non-Clique Students