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Yum Yum Market is a branch of mini marts in Bullworth with three total locations. Two, in Old Bullworth Vale and Bullworth Town, are run by Mr. Oh. The third one, in New Coventry, is run by Stan. The stores serve as a place where Jimmy can restock his inventory items. They can be identified on the in-game map as orange shopping-trolley blips.


  • Box of Chocolates: $1.00
    • Description: It's true, candy is dandy.
  • Bouquet of Flowers: $1.00
    • Description: Nothing says "make out with me" like a bouquet of flowers.
  • Beam Cola: $1.00 (free after drinking 100 sodas)
    • Description: A gleaming can of soda pop. Refreshing and delicious.
  • Carton of Eggs: $1.50 (Available after The Eggs)
    • Description: I'll bet those eggs will make a great omelette.
  • Spray Paint: $1.00 (Available after Tagging)
    • Description: High quality paint. Great for all sorts of art projects
  • Can of Spuds: $3.00 (Available after Nerd Boss Fight)
    • Description: This can of spuds would be perfect for anyone with a spudgun.

The store also sells other produce and household products, which cannot be purchased by Jimmy.

Mission Appearances[]

  • Last Minute Shopping: Jimmy will be directed to the Bullworth Town location to pick up the discount meat as an errand from Edna.
  • Movie Tickets: Jimmy will need to buy chocolates for Eunice to lure her away from the movie theater if he does not have them already.
  • Carnival Date: If Jimmy doesn't have flowers already in his inventory, the game will instruct him to purchase some from the store before meeting with Pinky.
  • The Eggs: Jimmy will be directed to purchase eggs at the Old Bullworth Vale location for the Preppies' pranks if he does not have them already
  • Tad's House: The mission starts outside the Old Bullworth Vale location, and will be directed to purchase eggs here if he doesn't have them already
  • Tagging and Discretion Assured: Jimmy will be directed to purchase spray paint at the New Coventry/Bullworth Town location respectively if he runs out.
  • Making a Mark: Jimmy will be directed to purchase some spray paint if he does not already have some in the inventory.


  • Inside the shop, "Yum Yum Market" is written on the windows in a different style than the lettering that is visible outside the store. The Yin/Yang symbol is also not visible from the outside.