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Zack Owens, owner of the Dragon's Wing Comics

"You're acting like a dummybean! Stop it!""
— Zack to Jimmy after he has provoked him or vandalized his store

Zack Owens is a character in Bully, and the owner of the Dragon's Wing Comics. He was voiced by Adam Sietz.

Character description[]

Zack wears a blue T-shirt with a lighting bolt-and-fist logo with stereotypical ketchup and mustard stains, and a pair of dirty brown cargo shorts. He has curly orange hair, muttonchop sideburns, and thick framed black glasses similar to Algie's.


Zack talks with a lisp similar to Thad's and has the same hair colour. He also suffers from asthma.

Miss Kopke is apparently disgusted by the fact that Zack asked her out to a comic book convention at some point in the game.

Role in Story[]

Zack has two mission appearances. The first is during Nerd Challenge, when he lets Jimmy down into the basement of the comic shop where the Nerds are playing Grottos and Gremlins. The second is in Comic Klepto. Constantinos steals some comic books and he tries to chase him, but runs out of breath by the time he's outside the store. He hires Jimmy to go get the books back.


  • In most versions, Zack Owens is rigged to the same skeleton as Eunice Pound. This enables him to be kissed if placed in free roam, and he'll use the same "lean and slobber" animation that she does. His head also sticks through the roof of cars.